Shailesh Dash: Leading Investors into the Future

Whether selling a business or keeping tabs on investments, finding the right asset management and advisory firm is the key to success. One with extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge of the field can take you far. Al Masah Capital falls into this category with a long list of clients in diverse sectors of the real estate, business and financial sectors. Founder and CEO, shailesh dash established the company with the ultimate goal of fully meeting clients’ varied needs.

Services Available through Al Masah Capital

Catering to the requirements of corporations and individuals alike, the company strives to keep up with the growing and changing needs of its global clientele. To date, the efforts of its highly qualified team have earned numerous MENA Fund Manager Performance Awards, the most recent of which was being named Top MENA Asset Manager for 2017. Services offered through the company include:

  • Private Equity Advisement: Offering consultation and guidance for private investors and their businesses, the company shares the benefits of its expertise through every phase of the process, from initial buy-ins to exits with the end goal of helping build clients’ enterprise value. Financial solutions in this realm are tailored to the unique needs of those being served.
  • Real Estate Investing: Investing in real estate involves a number of considerations, not the least of which are conducting extensive research on a property and minimizing risks moving forward. Al Masah Capital provides the full spectrum of services in this regard, such as aiding in identifying potentially lucrative investment opportunities, helping create well-rounded portfolios and bookkeeping to name a few.
  • Asset Management: Diversification is crucial in terms of investing. Numerous options are available, and the right choices for some may not necessarily be the best for others. Asset management experts with the company delve into low, medium and high-liquidity alternatives, all of which are custom-selected for each client. This allows for optimum value in both short and long-term senses.

These are only a few of the expert services provided by the meticulously selected team at work in this firm. Having been founded on the principle of excellence, the company continually aims to grow its own worth by helping clients advance theirs. Led by one of the top 50 most influential people in the regional financial services industry, it’s bound to continue along these lines well into the future.